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Cristina FIgursky About Photo
FOUNDER — Cristina

Our Story

Like all great journeys, life should be one of adventure. Of passion, discovery and your heart leading the way. Wild Wagon was born from this idea; the spirit of creativity and a yearning for something more.

Inspired by the wandering nomads of past and present, we’re here to provide an escape. An avenue of personal expression that ventures far off the beaten track, into the untamed wilderness.

Through intricately designed jewellery pieces, all with a unique story to tell, we hope to give the wild at heart a place to explore and discover; tales to share and beautiful memories to collect. Ones you can carry with you, endlessly.

Keep exploring,
Wild Wagon.

I started Wild Wagon with more than just a jewelery brand in mind. It’s a vehicle for creative expression; one capable of going off the beaten path to explore exciting, new territory. Like the nomads who inspired the name, Wild Wagon lets your heart, passion and creativity roam free.
Through timeless collections, all with a unique story to tell, Wild Wagon is giving women an avenue of endless exploration; a new opportunity to engage their curiosity, discover new creative territory and more of themselves in the process.


Our Packaging and Manufacturing

Seeking balance in all aspects of creation and production, we have sourced and partnered with people who stand proudly by their work and ethics. We’d like to share our ‘why’ and our intention behind the materials used and the manufacturing process.

Explore Endlessly.